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Buildings and Finance

Target 2030: reducing emissions from the buildings and finance sector by 50 per cent compared to the current greenhouse gas balance.

Construction measures and site changes, such as renovations, new buildings and rental changes, as well as the financial investments of the University of Graz are responsible for a further share of CO2 emissions. In construction projects, together with the Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, attention is paid to climate-efficient construction, energy efficiency and the use of ecological building materials. In the working group "Sustainable Buildings" of the Alliance of Sustainable Universities, an Austria-wide exchange of experience takes place on a regular basis. The working group has already prepared a policy paper on the creation of foundations and standards regarding planning, implementation and process support. The policy paper on the construction of sustainable university buildings of the Alliance of Sustainable Universities is an essential guide to climate-optimised construction. 

The financial assets of the University of Graz represent another area in which emissions can be reduced through targeted support for sustainable projects. Sustainable investments bear the Austrian eco-label UZ-49. The University of Graz wants to make more investments in environmentally friendly projects.

Did you know …

… 18 tonnes of CO2 were offset with the Carbon Neutral Floors programme.

The installation of CO2 neutral flooring of 2,0445 m2 at the ZWI (Zentrum für Wissens- und Innovationstransfer) saved 18 tonnes of CO2.

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