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Greendrive Ride-sharing app

Greendrive is the University of Graz’s ride-sharing app which is free to use for students and employees whenever they want to carpool. You can tap in your  daily route to and from the university directly in the Greendrive app, and then choose the route that is best for you!


University of Graz students and employees can use this app completely free of charge!

And this is how the free use of Greendrive works:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store or log in to the desktop version greendrive.at
  2. Register with your Uni Graz e-mail address
  3. Search for rides or offer rides
  4. Coordinate with people using the chat function
  5. Accept travel


Greendrive can is available as an app or desktop version.


How to join the companie-group



Group code in the video is just one example. The group codes for employees and students of the University of Graz can be found on the flyers and the intranet page.


How to search for rides



This is how address favorites can be stored



How to create recurring appointments



How chat works



Which routes are visible in the app?

By default, only the Uni Graz students can see the routes. Under personal account settings, the group of people can also be widened to include all Greendrive users.

Can kilometre allowance be charged for the whole journey?

You can message your ride beforehand in the chat to arrange a price. The ÖAMTC recommends five cents per kilometre and passenger. The official mileage allowance of the WKO STMK represents the upper limit at 43 cents per kilometre (as of 2021).

Example route: Vienna-Graz (180 km) about 9 euros (lower limit).

About Greendrive

The Graz-based company Greendrive specialises in supporting individuals and companies find carpooling opportunities. It supports the University of Graz and regions with a high number of commuters in offering an environmentally conscious mobility solution. For this purpose, Greendrive has been adapted to the specific needs of University of Graz and its region.

Greendrive does not pass on personal data to third parties and only uses them to arrange carpools. You can find out more about this in the privacy policy.

Download Greendrive-App

App Store


Google Play Store

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