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Target 2030: reducing emissions from the resource sector by 55 per cent compared to the current greenhouse gas balance.



The Sustainable Procurement Guide gives employees tips on how to make a workplace sustainable and the  Green Office Guide reveals how to ensure a sustainable office design.

Copy paper and multifunction printers

100 per cent recycled paper is sourced. The default setting for the printer is set to “Duplex printing” (double-sided printing).

Hygienic paper press

On the University of Graz main campus, recycled hygiene paper is collected separately and processed into new hygienic paper products using the campus’ own hygienic paper press. The campus therefore generates less residual waste and the annual hygienic paper consumption of about 2.6 tons can be integrated back into the circular cycle.

Vending machines

The vending machines offer exclusively organic and Fairtrade coffee. If you bring your own coffee-to-go cup, you can get a ten-cent discount on each hot drink at our vending machines. The Uni Graz coffee-to-go cups are available from our vending machines.

Cleaning and waste

The university only uses ecological cleaning agents and takes care to continuously improve its waste management, especially through the installation of waste separation systems. Here you will find the university’s waste separation sheet. The new waste bins can be ordered from the Campus Service Portal.

Reusable deposit cups at coffee shops on campus

BackCup - the reusable deposit cup. This coffee-to-go reusable cup can be used at all BackCup partner restaurants and coffee shops.



The IT-procurement department makes sure to integrate energy-saving devices. Discarded devices are handed over to the “AfB Social & Green IT” (Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung; en: jobs for people with disabilities), where the data is deleted in a certified manner and the devices are prepared for reuse.

Exact dates and further information can be found in the environmental statement, which is published every year.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact: emas(at)uni-graz.at

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